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Junkyard Symphony's Equipment and Ecotips

           Junkyard Symphony's has used all kinds of junk over the years from pots and pans to a bath tub and yes, even the kitchen sink. The set up used now is comprised of pails, hubcaps, dog bowls and buckets for drums, as well as recycle bins for tables. It includes a 1000 Watt sound system which is suitable for audience sizes up to 1000 people. This entire set up can be installed in 30 minutes if needed, but 60 minutes is prefered.

Junkyard Symphony present set up

Junkyard Symphony present set up

Junkyard Symphony present set up

Junkyard Symphony present set up

Junkyard Symphony present set up

Giants of Junk

The Giants of Junk set up includes all of the above, plus this additional gear. This set up will require at least 1 hour to be installed. Any help from volunteer roadies is greatly appreciated.

Junkyard Symphony Giants of Junk set up

Junkyard Symphony Giants of Junk set up

Past Junk
Junkyard Symphony drumset 2013-present


           This set up was specifically designed for air travel, and is still the set up Junkyard Symphony uses whenever tehy have to tavel far from home. It can fit into 4 cases so that the equipment can be checked on the plane with no extra bagagge fees. The drum sets consist of plastic buckets, metal pails, a hub cap, dog bowls, a recycle bin, a cow bell, a tin cup, and an old ships bell. The juggling gear consists of plungers, jugs, diabolo, devil sticks, flying mops, plunger poms, wig, rice shakers, toy basket ball net, magic string and bottle, tennis ball paddle, ball catching cup, noodle goggles, bottle cap nose, and of course a whistle. They also have a compactable dolly that packs into the suitcase to transport all the equipment to and from the plane, taxi, hotel etc.

Junkyard Symphony drumset 2010-present

juggling gear

There is lots of fun stuff to play with

All packed up and ready to go in 4 airplane size bags

On the plane and good to go.

           This particular set-up features two rolling trashcans with buckets, pails, water jugs, dog bowls, a hubcap and cowbells. It sounded great and was very useful to transport for everything including the juggling gear could fit inside the two trashcans. This set-up however could not be taken on the plane which is why they use a more compact set up now.

Junkyard Symphony drumset 2007-2009

           For a brief time Junkyard Symphony used a set-up that looked like a real drum kit. It was the easiest set up to play on because everything was well placed and it was a sit down kit, but it was too complicated to assemble and the tradition in Junkyard Symphony is to drum while standing up so this particular version didn't last long.

Junkyard Symphony drumset 2005 -2006

           For the longest time Junkyard Symphony used this particular set-up, which featured pots and pans, an oil barrel, buckets, a tire rim, barrels, hub caps, a bath tub and even the kitchen sink. This set-up was the most fun, but it was also very loud, very big, very heavy, very difficult to transport and very diffficult to set up, so that is why Junkyard Symphony uses a lighter, quieter set up now.

Junkyard Symphony drumset 1992 -2004

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Junkyard Symphony's Ecotips

           Rhythm is a pattern that repeats. From the gentle ebb and flow of the tides, to the daily bustle of commuters shuttling in and out of cities, to the bouncing of a basketball, to the beating of a drum, to the balance of work and play, to the oscillation of life and death in everything from amoebas to empires--the awesome power of rhythm gives shape to our lives and has captured the attention of Junkyard Symphony since our creation in 1992. Rhythm is everywhere. It surrounds us. It drives us. It's at the very center of our being; the beating of our hearts gives us life. When we drum, we give life back to our hearts.
           Feeling the connection to the rhythm of life that comes when you drum is Junkyard Symphony's passion. It is this sense of connection that drives us to investigate the ways humans can better harmonize their own patterns of production, consumption and waste disposal with the naturally occurring recycling patterns of the Earth. Think of our Earth as playing a song with wonderful rhythms. Environmental degradation occurs when our rhythms don't fit with those of the Earth.
           Being environmentally friendly isn't just a way of life, it's a way for life. Our planet depends on us just as much as we depend on it, so let's find rhythms that work. Here is a list of some everyday rhythms that you can do to help our planet. Play's fun, and let's give life back to the Earth!

Recycle Cooler

Recycling Knowledge
           Learn what items can be recycled. Putting things in the box that don't belong there only make the job more diffuclt and costly. Also there may be some items that you are tossing in the garbage that you can be putting the recycle box. You can search your city's wibsite to find the answers. Visit these thinks:
City of Ottawa Recyling

Recycle Cooler

Recycle Cooler
           Keep a small cooler in your vehicle. You can use this as a recycle bin to collect all your recyclables when you are away from home. Often when you are out and about the town there are plenty of garbage bins but no recycle boxes, so keeping a recycle cooler in your vehicle will allow you to bring items home to recycle. A cooler is better than a box because it keeps the items out of sight, holds in the smell, and doubles as a drink holder.


           Keep reusable enviro-bags in your vehicle for when you are out shopping. The enviro-bags are stronger and hold more than the plastic bags that vendors give out, plus they prevent all those plastic bags from ending up in the landfill. They have many other uses like keeping your dirty laundry separate from the clean clothes in your suitcase when you are away on trips. Many stores like Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire and Loblaws sell these bags.


           Instead of placing your garbage and reyclables on their own and the end of your driveway, group your garbage and recyclables together with your neighbors, so that the garbage truck makes one stop instead of two or three. This way the garbage truck will use less gas and the route will take less time which cuts down on your taxes.


Save Gas
           If you are not in a rush, drive 85. Your vehicle will consume less gas if you drive 85km/hr rather than 100km/hr or more. You can do this on highways where there are several lanes, just move into the slow lane and let the gas guzzlers pass by. Drving slower also reduces your risk of a serious accident. On highways with one lane however, it is safer to speed up and move with the flow of traffic. Gas guzzlers can get upset easily.

Drive Thru

Through with Drive-Thru
           Get off your keester and go into the restaurant. Idling cars waiting in the drive-thru spew green house gases into the atmosphere contributing to global warming. Often times there is a bigger line-up for the drive-thru than there is inside. Besides, it's not healthy to eat in a rush, and dangerous to eat while driving.

Stay In

More Stay-In, Less Take-Out
           Our take-out habits create lots of garbage. Chose restaurants where food is served on dishes rather than take-out containers. If you must take take-out, then chose restaurants that have recyclable take-out containers. If they don't have a recycle bin to recycle their containers, bring them back to your vehicle recycle cooler.

Reusable Coffee Mugs

Reusable Coffee Mugs
           Bring your reusable coffee mugs to the coffee shop and eliminate the need for a take out cup. Reusable mugs have great insulation, and are easier on the hands when dealing with hot coffee. Often you will see coffee shops double up the cups to prevent you from getting burned. It's a nice thought, but very wasteful.

Roadside trash...yuck!

Don't Litter!
           This one's a no brainer, yet for some reason roadside trash is found everywhere! Yuck! Please keep your trash in your car until you get home or come to a gas station. Every gas station is equiped with a trash can. Tossing trash by the roadside only makes your taxes go higher to pay clean-up crews. Also, properly secure loads on your vehicle so they don't fall off!

Pick up garbage!

Walk for Waste.
           Go for a walk and bring a waste bag with you. If you see some waste, pick it up and take it home to your recycle bin or trash can. The karma points for each piece of waste you pick up is huge, and will bring you great luck for the rest of the week, plus going for a walk is healthy, mentally and physically. In Star Wars they talk about a power called 'the force'. Its is real, and created by the good things that you do. May the Force be with you.

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