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Junkyard Symphony's Comments and Fan Page

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Trashcan Tony, Junkyard Jonny!

Schools and Community

What an exhilerating and fun performance. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the feedback was very positive. Everyone loved the interaction you had with the children, the joking and teasing as well as the upbeat rhythms of your 'percussion'. It was a great show!
Brenda Milne (Teacher), Program Co-ordinator, Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce.

We used the Junkyard Symphony performance as a springboard to inspire our students to create musical instruments out of recycled materials.
Pat Ollivier (Teacher), Christie Public School, Ottawa.

This activity gave the students an opportunity to see and experience something they would not normally see (low socio economic background + ESL).
A. Colborn (Teacher), Charles H. Hulse Public School, Ottawa.

Many volunteers were able to get involved and the whole school participated regularly in the music.
Sue McCourt (Teacher), Our lady of Fatima Catholic School, Belleville.

The Junkyard Symphony Show was an exciting and original musical presentation! We consider ourselves ever so fortunate to have had Junkyard Symphony visit the far "North".
Jane Austin (Teacher), Bobcaygeon Public School

Overall this was a great performance. Both the students and staff were actively engaged in various rhythmic activities. Junkyard Jonny and Trashcan Tony were both humorous and talented.
Heidi Robinson (Teacher), St. Thomas The Apostle Catholic School, Arnprior.

Junkyard Symphony is wonderful, engaging, interactive and well priced. They encouraged the children to use their creative talents to make a difference in the world. We need to constantly remind children of how important music is and encourage various forms of it.
Rita Kevin (Teacher), Parkwood Hills public school, Ottawa.

Junkyard Symphony showed excellent management skills. They were able to keep various ages engaged visually, musically and kinaesthetically. This activity provided ideas to further appreciate and participate in music, art, and environmental studies.
Debbie Lewis (Teacher), St. James Catholic School.

Junkyard Symphony was awesome! They involved children and parents. I received very positive and enthusiastic comments about the event.
Anne Marie Carroll (Teacher), St. Thomas Moore School, Ottawa.

I was amazed at the sound that came from reused materials. It could have been an expensive drum set and would have sounded the same. As a teacher this proved to me that even without $ we can make music.
Nancy Thompson (Teacher), Queen Elizabeth School,Perth.

Junkyard Symphony is amazing! My students loved it!
M Monsebraaten (teacher), Elmdale Public School, Ottawa.

The students were glued, and entranced by Junkyard Symphony right from the start.
Dawn Exner (teacher), Mother Teresa Catholic School, Russell.

The performance was phenomenal and I would highly recommend Junkyard Symphony for any school.
Ray Westendorp (Principal), Merrickville Public School, Merrickville.

Junkyard Symphony brought music appreciation and environmental awareness to our students and made it so much fun for us all!
Kristine Maclaren (Music Teacher), Smith's Falls High School, Smith's Falls.

The children, parents and staff really enjoyed themselves. Junkyard Symphony's entertainment helped turn a cold, wet day into an evening of laughter. Everyone will be talking about it for some time to come.
Nancy Marshall (Director), Carelton Preschool, Ottawa.

Junkyard Symphony entertained an audience of 150 students with an eclectic array of percussive instruments and acrobatic skill while teaching about basic music concepts and environmental awareness.
Kristine MacLaren (Music Director), SFDCI, Smiths Falls, ON.

Junkyard Symphony's workshops were a fabulous day of learning and fun, and all the students and staff appreciated it immensely.
Lisa Cuypers (Chairperson), St. Francis of Assisi School Council, Petawawa, ON.

The performers gave an outstanding presentation, one in which every child and teacher in the room was completely engaged. The hour-long presentation flew by all too quickly, a sign of our sheer enjoyment. It was just wonderful to see those in attendance laughing, clapping and participation in Junkyard Symphony's unique and very entertaining musical presentation and environmentally-friendly message.
Liz McGillis (Teacher), Sacred Heart Catholic School, Cornwall, ON.

Junkyard Symphony successfully kept all our audience members interested and entertained with their very high energy performance while showing everyone that recycling is not only important but can be fun as well.
Kieran Kennedy (Principal), East Front Publisc School, Cornwall, ON.

Junkyard Symphony was able to bring the students out of their shells and willing to participate. Everyone left with a smile.
Kristine MacLaren (Music Teacher), Smiths Falls District High School, Smiths Falls, ON.

The interaction with the students and dynamic personalities of the presenters will have a lasting impact on the students.
Jennifer Larch (Teacher), Heritage Public School, Navan, ON.

There were a lot of '"Wow" comments and "Awesome" quotes and "Will they come back again?"
Rebecca Holly (Teacher), Holy Name School, Pembroke, ON.

This was a brilliant performance. Hilarious ways to engage students! Super!"
S Brannan (Teacher), Holy Name School, Pembroke, ON.

By combining the arts with the message of recycling, Junkyard Symphony helped me discover how easy it is to teach curriculum itens through music and dance.
Emilee Lahey (Teacher), Pineview Public School, Pembroke, ON

By combining the arts with the message of recycling, Junkyard Symphony helped me discover how easy it is to teach curriculum items through music and dance.
Emilee Lahey (Teacher), Pineview Public School, Pembroke, ON

Junkyard Symphony was effective in their use of non verbal communication. Their ability to maintain a high level of student interest and participation gave the show an excellent momentum.
Anna Tripard (Teacher), Pembroke Public School, Pembroke, ON

Outstanding, Engaging!
Marisol E. Kwai (Teacher), Pinecrest Public School, Ottawa, ON

It was funny when Junkyard Symphony called up the little boy and told him to hold the cheer box. I have to admit, it is pretty amazing the way those guys make all those instruments out of all that garbage or junk. I like the guy that was on the rolling thing on the board juggling those water bottles that were huge.
Rylea Rea (Student), Lady Mackenzie Public School

I am pretty impressed. Like, they rock!!! :)
Dora Alemdag (Student), Trillium Public School, Ottawa

I thought Junkyard Symphony was amazing! I loved Trashcan Tony's rhythms and drum playing and I also loved Junkyard Jonny's humour. I am the kind of peson who always recycles and I do compposting. I think lots of the younger kids will start recycling more because of Junkyard Symphony. They make helping the environement fun.
Kali Catterall (Student), Throndale Elementary, Pierrefonds, QC

This was a wonderful program for our son's Bar Mitzvah celebration. Adults and children alike enjoyed the amazing participatory programme.
Sheli Braun, Community Member, Ottawa, ON

Junkyard Symphony are amazing percussionists. I couldn't believe how fantastic they were on their "junk". I wish I could dance to a complete percussion piece of theirs live! t'is wonderful!
Barb B, Community Member, Hallvile, ON

Junkyard Symphony has a great reputaion in the community.
Devora Caytak, Community Member, Ottawa, ON

I want to thank Junkyard Symphony very much for a Fantastic Show. Everyone enjoyed themselves right from young to old. I hope we will have the opportunity to have them come again to Renfrew.
Nadine Duncan, Community Member, Renfrew, ON


The Trio show is absolutely Brilliant. It makes me laugh, yeah.
Sean Bridges, AKA Bike Boy, Sydney Australia

Junkyard Symphony is funny and clever. I just sat down and watched their show from beginning to end and was entertained the whole time.
Sharon Mahoney, AKA Tallulah, Vancouver, BC

The tube tower thing is pretty impressive!
Sean McManus, Spring Action, Ottawa, ON

I love their show!
Dynamike, Peterborough, ON

Famous People

Junkyard Symphony was phenomenally successful!
Hilary Nicolson, Office of the Prime Minister

All the guests, not just the kids, really enjoyed the show.
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Junkyard Jonny, Stephen Harper, Landfill Lil


These guys are terrific!
Brian Caldwell, The Kitchener Record

They give a new meaning to the word recycling.
Nancy Boughner, Kanata Kourier Standard

Junkyard Symphony takes the recycling message to heart.
Marilyn Smulders, The Daily News, Halifax

Junkyard Symphony is in a class all of its own.
Pam Dillon, Kingston This Week

Corporate/ Fairs/ Festivals

Junkyard Symphony did a fabulous show for the Pepsi-QTG Christmas party in Peterborough. I laughed myself silly. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. And my daughter had a wonderful time too. Thanks for making the party so special. Keep up the great work. I'm still smiling!
Lisa Johnson, {Pepsi-QTG}, Peterborough

We want to thank Junkyard Symphony so much for coming to Fairfield to perform for our university and community. Everyone I've spoken to has given such enthusiastic feedback from their show, I think it was a real highlight!
Marissa Markowitz (Eco-Fair/Eco-Jam Director), Fairfield Iowa.

Without Junkyard Symphony's magic touch, our Christmas Party would not have been quite as successful. It was a wonderful performance, everyone at our company is still talking about it.
Therese Robinson (Finiancial Services Coordinator), Automotive Industries Assocation of Canada.

Junkyard Symphony's Roving Recyclers high-enrergy performance generated much excitement and proved that environmental commitment can be fun! The performance was extremely well received by our staff and I am certain that the energy, joy, and creativity of Junkyard Symphony will leave a lasting impression on all those who attended.
Michael Dawson (Head Environmental Managment Systems and Sustainable Development Strategies), National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, ON.

Junkyard Symphony helped entertain and relax the Poster Challenge finalists and their families, encouraging total strangers from across the country to come together as friends. The evening would not have been the same without Junkyard Symphony's contribution.
Denis Racine (Director), Celebration, Commeoration and Learing, Candian Heritage.

Junkyard Symphony's performance contributed greatly to the success of our event. Their enthusiasm and professionalism were greatly appreciated by the public and the Artistic Programming Team.
Alain St.Jean (Program Director), National Capital Commission, Winterlude.

The professionalism and talent of Junkyard Symphony made our event very enjoyable.
Michael Allen(President), United Way.

A big hit with the crowds!
Wendy Warwick, Brantford Busker Festival

They are the instrumental in making a worthwhile, memorable, and positive experience for both the particpants and spectators.
Eileen Blair, Ottawa Winterlude

Energetic, excellent and professional performance!
Manon Theberge, Canadian Tulip Festival

An entertaining hour of wacky music, unicycling and just plain fun! Enthusiasm and love of performing was very visible through the entire performance.
Pat Belanger, Township of Cumberland

"From what I saw and have heard around town, Junkyard Symphony was awesome!"
Don Corless, Burk's Falls Fair

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join of facebook Fan page School Comments Famous People Comments Media Comments Festival Comments