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ÉJunkyard Symphony's Marble Mountain
July 16, 2016
Junkyard Symphony at
St. Hedwig's Church in Barry's Bay
Sustainable Sally shows children how to work the Marble Mountain and St. Hedwig's Fun Day. The marbles roll down a magnificnet marble track and fall into a marble manipulator with will eventually give the player a number. The number corresponds to a special prize they will receive.         Saint Hedwig Church website

ÉJunkyard Symphony's Giants of Junk at Westfest
June 3, 2016
Junkyard Symphony's Giants of Junk
at Westfest
Rumblebot dazzles the crowd at Westfest with his fancy dance moves. Opening up for Junkyard Symphony's Giants of Junk was magician and fellow junkyard member Rynstone, also known as Recycle Rylan. It was a great crowd for a Friday night.         Westfest website

Junkyard Symphony at Kingston Victoria Day
May 23, 2016
Junkyard Symphony at
Kingston Victoria Day
Junkyard Jonny and Compost Chris rove around Lake Ontario Park in Kingston for the Victoria Day weekend. Lake Ontario Park is the City's largest urban waterfront park and it was reopened in 2013 after undergoing a complete revitalization. It provides a significant natural landscape drawing both visitors and residents for picnicking and scenic walks along the waterfront.
Lake Ontario Park
Junkyard Symphony's Roving Recyclers

Junkyard Symphony at Kidsfest
Apr 3, 2016
Junkyard Symphony at
Ottawa Kidsfest
Junkyard Jonny juggles while Stupendous Steve plays stupendous stuff on the dashing drums while cheerful children wonderfully watch. Kidsfest is Ottawa's biggest and best kids show that takes place every April at the EY Centre. It feature such acts as Splash and Boots, Fred Penner, Mini TFO, and of course Junkyard Symphony.
Junkyard Symphony's Super Stage Show

Junkyard Symphony's Giants of Junk
March 27, 2016
Junkyard Symphony's Giants of Junk
at the War Museum
Looking for a fun Easter Activity, the Canadian War Museum invited Junkyard Symphony who entertained the crowd with big things, like a twelve foot recycled robot a juggling yoga balls.
War Museum

Junkyard Symphony's at Awesome Arts
Mar 24, 2016
Junkyard Symphony at Awesome Arts
at Lowertown Fest
Awesome Arts is a fantastic program put on by MASC every year in the community of Lowertown. It allows participants of all ages to explore issues important to their community through the arts.
Awesome Arts

Junkyard Symphony's at the Hazeldean Mall
Mar 14, 2016
Junkyard Symphony
At the Hazeldean Mall
Junkyard Jonny entertains a march break crowd at the Hazeldean Mall in Kanata. Junkyard Symphony's solo version of the show, called the 'Funky Fiesta' is perfect for clients with a modest budget.
Funky Fiesta
Hazeldean Mall

Junkyard Symphony's the Albert County Exhibition, NB
Sept 18, 2015
Junkyard Symphony at
the Albert County Exhibition, NB
Junkyard Jonny and Marverlous Mark spent an adventurous week in New Brunswick. From getting Lost on a logging road to visiting the Hopewell Rocks, the weekend was full of lots of fun and great shows in the Ehibition Arena. The exhibition has been around for over a century!
Albert County Exhibition
Junkyard Symphony's Junkyard Jam

Junkyard Symphony's the Athen's Cornfest
Aug 15, 2015
Junkyard Symphony at
The Athen's Cornfest
Stupendous Steve poses in front of Junkyard Symphony's Marble Mountain. The game involves marbles, a mountain, and mounds of fun! Junkyard Symphony's Marble Mountain is just one of many Groovy Games that JYS offers. Athens in near Brockville, Ontario, not in Greece. Of course there is an Athen in Greece, but we are pretty sure it's not this one.
Athen's Cornfest
Junkyard Symphony's Groovy Games

Junkyard Symphony at the Sydney Buskerfestival
Aug 8, 2015
Junkyard Symphony at
the Sydney Busker Festival
Isabelle shows a little girl how to play the Chateau Roulette in Sydney Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island. Sydney boasts a convenient proximity to all the major attractions on the Island like the world famous Cabot Trail, Fortress of Louisbourg, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in the beautiful village of Baddeck, and 6 amazing golf courses!
Cape Breton Island

Junkyard Symphony's at the Forillian Crescent Street Party
June 20, 2015
Junkyard Symphony at
the Forillian Crescent Street Party
Junkyard Jonny poses in front of all the gear. Junkyard Symphony has a great show for street parties, hence the name Super Street Show. On the right side you can see Recyle Rylan's unicycle which also works well on a street.
Junkyard Symphony's Super Street Show

Junkyard Symphony's the Ottawa Children's Festival
May 12, 2015
Junkyard Symphony at
the Ottawa Children's Festival
Junkyard Jonny and Compost Chris do a funny pose at the Ottawa Children's Festival. The Ottawa International Children's Festival is an annual May/June event in Ottawa, Canada featuring theatre, dance, and music for children, at Lebreton Flats near downtown Ottawa.
Ottawa Children's Festival

Junkyard Symphony at the Kanata Academy
Mar 15, 2015
JYS at the Kanata Academy
Kanata Academy is a private school is located at 180 Huntmar Drive in west Ottawa. Originally established in 1996, the school offers preschool through Grade 12. Features include small class sizes and daily communication between teachers and parents, all offered at one of the lowest tuition rates in the city of Ottawa.

Junkyard Jonny peforms for the United Way fundraiser
Oct 24, 2014
Junkyard Symphony at
the United Way Fundraiser
Junkyard Jonny performs for a fun crowd at Paddy Bowlands in the market. The United Way's mission is to bring people and resources together to build a strong, healthy, safe community for all.
The United Way Ottawa

Bell's Corners United Church Eco-Fair
Oct 18, 2014
Junkyard Symphony at
Bell's Corners United Church Eco-Fair
Junkyard Jonny explains how to work the Chateau Roulette at the Bell's Corners United Church. Junkyard Symphony has been doing shows at the United Church for years. It's hard to miss the United Church. It's the building on Moodie Drive that has a really big steeple.
Bell's Corners United Church.

JYS at the Carlingwood Hood BBQ
Aug 10, 2014
Junkyard Symphony at
Carlingwood Hood BBQ
Junkyard Jonny performs their Super Street Show in the beautiful Woodroffe Park as members of the community enjoy a fun day full of games, activities and burgers. Junkyard Jonny waits for a friend to toss a ball into the basketball net. Compost Chris beats on the compost drums in the background at the Carlingwood Hood BBQ. Carlingwood is a peacful community in Ottawa's west end. Nearby is the Carlingwood Mall. It opened in 1956 and was one of the city's first major shopping centres.
Super Street Show
Carlingwood Community Association
Carlingwood Shopping Centre

JYS at the Ottawa Busker Festival
Aug 1, 2014
The Ottawa Busker Festival
This picture shows how Junkyard Symphony can be somewhat portable. The Junk drums, made from compost bins can easily go on dolly and themselves are mobile once they are taken off the doly. The Ottawa Busker Festival is held every August Long weekend on Sparks street, in the heart of downtown Ottawa.
Ottawa Busker Festival

Bilblioteque des Jeunes
July 29, 2014
Junkyard Symphony at
le Bilblioteque des Jeunes
Junkyard Jonny hams it up with a volunteer from the Biblioteuqe des Jeunes. Their mission is to develop literacy, foster imagination, and to connect children and parents to their communities by equipping them with the building blocks of life-long learning.
Bilblioteque des Jeunes, Montreal

École Secondaire Publique De La Salle
École Secondaire Publique De La Salle
Mar 28, 2014
Junkyard Symphony at
École Secondaire Publique De La Salle
Eco Fair
Every year the students of l'École Secondaire Publique De La Salle puts on an Eco Fair in the cafeteria and Junkyard Symphony lends a hand with the entertainment. The school is situated in the heart of Lowertown, Ottawa and opened in 1971 to cater to Francophone students in the region. The school is named after René Robert Cavelier de La Salle who was a famous North American Explorer.
École Secondaire Publique De La Salle

Toy and Game Expo
Toy and Game Expo
Nov 2, 2013
Junkyard Symphony at the
Toy and Games Expo
Junkyard Symphony's newest Groovy Game Chateau Roulette is finally finished after two years of careful contsruction. It was the center of attention at the Toy and Game Expo held at the Ernst and Young Centre on the first November weekend. The lights and spooky paint work certainly caught people's attention. Visitors to the Expo were treated to Junkyard Symphony's Show as well as all 5 of their Groovy Games, Marble Mountain, Chateau Roulette, Bottle Ball, Rock Towers, and Rock Towers Equilibium. More games are planned such as 3-D Tick Tac Toe and a 3-D version of Snakes and Ladders called Stairs and Slides, so stay tuned.
JYS Groovy Games
Toy and Game Expo

By Ward Market Oktoberfest
By Ward Market Oktoberfest
Oct 19, 2013
Junkyard Symphony at the
By Ward Market Oktoberfest
Juggling Joe runs around a volunteer as he balances a ball on a stick. Juggling Joe and Marvelous Mark did an awesome job entertaining the crowds in the By Ward Market for Oktoberfest. The weather wasn't the greatest. It was cold and rainy but poeple stayed to watch the show none the less because it was so good. Sustainable Sally, Awesome Alex and Junkyard Jonny entertained crowds with Junkyard Symphony's new Groovy Games such as the Marble Mountain, Bottle Ball, and Rock Towers. The new games are becoming very popular and work well in conjuction with the show.
JYS Groovy Games
By Ward Market Oktoberfest

Pirate Steve
Oct 27, 2013
Pirates of Percussion at
Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
Stependous Steve shows off his pirate costume for the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre's Halloween Party. The Chidren also had on wonderful costumes and there was a fabulous bake sale. Junkyard Symphony's Pirates of Percussion is great for Halloween shows or costume parties.
Click Here to Learn More.

The JYSmobile
The JYSmobile
Aug 20, 2013
Mystery Rooftop Contraption
The new JYSmobile mystery rooftop contraption has been woking wonders with marketing. People are constantly stopping to figure out what it is. The best remark so far has been "Bagpipe Booster Pack." In actually fact the contraption is simply a carrier for one of the drums that we bang on. Inside the drum is even more drums. The front pipes secure the drum to the roof so that it does not blow off when we drive. The back pipes serve as handles to remove the carrier whe it is not needed. It does look a little like a booster rocket pack of sorts, but that's just a coincidence. ;)
See more pics of previous JYSmobiles

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