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Les Plasirs d'Hiver                  Junkyard Symphony at the Children's Museum

Jan 20, 2018
Junkyard Symphony at Les Plasirs d'Hiver in Aylmer, Quebec
(Left image) It was a sunny day for playing games and watching a show. Junkyard Symphony brough out their Junkyard Jam, Roving Recyclers, Marble Mansion and Bottle Ball as seen in this picture. The point of Bottle Ball is to roll a marble in between bottles, trying to get the marble to the other end of the board. It's a fun game to play, as long as the bottles don't freeze!
Plaisirs d'Hiver

Dec 29, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at The Children's Musuem
(Right image) Junkyard Jonny and Landfil Lill getting ready for thier shows at the Children's Museum in Gatineau. They performed a show in English and a show in French inside the quaint theatre. When a show is not going on, children can use the theatre to put on their own shows.
Children's Museum

Junkyard Symphony at Awesome Arts                  Junkyard Symphony's 25th Anniversary Show

Nov 23, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at the Awesome Arts Festival
(Left image) Junkyard Jonny teamed up with a group of fun children to put on a persuccion performance for the annual Awesom Arts Festival. The group performed along to Junkyard Symphony's song 'RuMbleDanCe.
Awesome Arts

Oct 21, 2017
Junkyard Symphony's 25th Anniversary Earl of March Auditorium
(Right image) It was a magical evening as Junkyard Symphony celebrated 25 years with a Benefit for Earl of March's Arts Program. The evening began with JYS's Groovy Games in the lobby which became very popular. Then the audience moved into the fancy auditorium where there were treated to a fantastic show by Derek Debeer on percussion, Ursula Schultz on fiddle, Eleanor Augey singing a JYS song, Rynsetone doing amazing magical tricks, and finally JYS's Giants of Junk.
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Junkyard Symphony at the Pembroke Lumber Kings Hockey Game                  Junkyard Symphony in Cumberland

Sept 24, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at the Pembroke Lumber Kings
(Left image) It was the hottest day on record for Sept and in order to clear the fog off the ice the city of Pembroke had to turn on the heat in the arena. It was quite a toasty show, but the Lumber Kings won the day, in a 6 to 5 bout with the Kanata Lasers.
Pembroke Lumber Kings

Sept 21, 2017
Junkyard Symphony Cumberland photo shoot
(Right image) It was a beautiful day to play and take pictures in the park. JYS took some great photos to promote their upcoming 25th anniversary show and they filmed a provo video as well with the help of Richard Redmond from Red Dog Digital.
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Red Dog Digital

Junkyard Symphony at the Wasaga Beach Main Street Market                  Junkyard Symphony at Ottawa Music Expo

Sept 1, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at the Wasaga Beach Main Street Market
(Left image) Compost Chris shows a young volunteer how to play the drums at the Wasaga Beach Main Street Market stage. At the end of each show, Junkyard Symphony often lets the children come up to try Junkyard Symphony's drums. Wasaga Beach is the world's longest fresh water beach.
Town of Wasaga Beach

July 16, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at the Music and Beyond Ottawa Music Expo
(Right image) Junkyard Jonny's daughter Gymnastic Gina has officialy joined the group peforming in JYS's roving recyclers and their newest addition, the Banjo Bucket Band. Music and Beyond pursues links between other art forms and cultural disciplines and music, including visual art, drama, poetry, dance, architecture, circus, magic, science, comedy, law, food and wine and even yoga. Music and Beyond is virtually unique in the international field of music festivals by making this a core part of its mandate.
Music and Beyond
Junkyard Symphony's Radical Roving

Junkyard Symphony's trailer and car                  Junkyard Symphony at the Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival

July 11, 2017
JYS Horse and Cart
(Left image) Most of Junkyard Symphony's shows can fit into a tiny Honda Fit, not because JYS has very little equipment, but because Junkyard Jonny is a spectactular spacial scientist, and because the Honda Fit can actually fit alot! The trailer houses all the equipment for Junkyard Symphony's Giants of Junk.

July 8, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at the Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival
(Right image) Compost Chris and Seismic Sacha wave to the camera. Rumblebot seems to have forgot to wave. The Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival has an amazing performance pavillion, complete with a roof, a main stage, and a secondary stage for varitey acts.
Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival

Junkyard Symphony at the Chapman Mills BBQ                  Junkyard Symphony at Armed Forces Recreation Kick-off, Pettawawa, ON

June 9, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at the Chapman Mills BBQ
(Left image) The Chapman Mills BBQ in Barrhaven is perhaps one of the biggest school BBQ's in the city. They have bouncy castles, games, food, animals, Junkyad Symphony, and they even have their own radio station.
Chapman Mills Public School

June 4, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at the Armed Forces Recreation Kick-off
(Right image) JYS's Giants of Junk show is a hit again! Dangerous Derek drums up a storm as Junkyard Jonny and a volunteer have fun at the Petawawa Recreation Centre. Petawawa offers an amazing variety of recreational programs and activities for people of all ages.
Petawawa Parks and Recreation

Junkyard Symphony's at Lowertown fest                  Junkyard Symphony's at Manor Park Public School

May 24, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at Lowertownfest at Lowertown Fest
(Left image) Junkyard Jonny tosses the diaobolo in the air as the audience looks up. Seismic Sacha plays the roving drums on the bucket stilts. It was a fun day had by all on a sunny day in May.
Lowertown Community Resrouce Centre

May 12, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at Manor Park Public School
(Right image) Eco-Ersula plays the fiddle with Junkyard Jonny and Compost Chris in their Fiddlin' Funk show. Once the kids hear the fiddle, it's hard not to dance to it. It's better to have fiddlin' kids than fidgettin' kids.
Manor Park Public School
Junkyard Symphony's Fiddlin Funk

Junkyard Symphony's at Castlefrank School                  Junkyard Symphony's RuMbleDanCe Video shoot

May 5, 2017
Junkyard Symphony at Castlefrank Elementary School
(Left image) Awesome Alex stands behind Rumblebot in the gym of Casltefrank School. Everyone seems to be looking to the right. We are not sure what they are looking at but it must be good.
Castlefrank Elementary School
Junkyard Symphony's Giants of Junk

Feb 27, 2017
Junkyard Symphony RuMbleDanCe Video Shoot
(Right image) Junkyard Jake's friend Warren tries out Rumblebot's lights during JYS's winter video shoot in Jonny's backyard. Jonny spend the winter building an awesome stage for the video shoot. It includes a snow trampoline. The video was shot by Dumpster Don's Daughter Isabel and her boyfriend Mitch.

Junkyard Symphony in Cardinal, Ontario                  Junkyard Symphony at  Bell High School

Dec 10, 2016
Junkyard Symphony in Cardinal, Ontario
(Left image) Here is a fun picture of Junkyard Symphony at the Edwardsburgh Cardinal Business Association Kids Christmas Party in Cardinal Ontario. December is a busy month for Junkyard Symphony as there are many company Christmas parties that need quality entertainment.
Edwardsburgh Cardinal Business Association
Junkyard Symphopny's Rudolph Rock

Oct 31, 2016
Junkyard Symphony at Bell High School
(Right image) Landfill Lil and Recycle Ross pose with the Bell Bruins Bear. Recycle Ross has some awesome hat tricks that involve three hats. We are not sure what the bear can do. Bell High School is where Junkyard Jonny graduated from in 1991. Yes, we know he is old!
Bell High School

Junkyard Symphony at St. Elizabeth School                  Junkyard Symphony at St. Elizabeth School

July 28, 2016
Junkyard Symphony at St. Elizabeth School
(Left image) The St. Elizabeth School Community is in the Carlington Community of Ottawa. They are committed to sharing thier values in an atmosphere of respect and caring in order to nurture the spiritual, academic and physical development of their students.

(Right image) St. Elizabeth is a certified Gold Eco School. St. Elizabeth encourages litterless lunches and ongoing recycling of paper products, cans, and glass. The school is committed to promoting a responsible, caring attitude toward the future of our planet. In addition, at St. Elizabeth the children are taught the importance of maintaining a clean and tidy school environment.
St. Elizabeth School

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