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Junkyard Jonny in Macedonia.
June 5, 2006
Jonny the Great
Not many Canadians know where Macedonia is either, but now Junkyard Jonny does. It's that little county above Greece where Aleksander the Great came from. Visiting the city of Skopje for the first ever Skopje Busker Festival Jonny, joined a team of over 40 performers from Canada and around the world to make the Skopje Busker Festival the biggest and most successful festival Macedonia has ever seen. Do they speak English there? Surprisingly most people have a good understanding of English, but Jonny did his show completely silent as an experiment for future world shows. While it started off a little rocky, it finished by rocking out the square on the final evening of the Festival. Way to go Jonny!

Junkyard Symphony's Recycled Circus in Perth.
March, 2006
Recycled Circus Electrifying
It seemed like the clock was against them, the Van broke down, and the opening signer got sick and cancelled, but somehow Junkyard Symphony managed to pull off a great Reycled Rcircus show in Perth with Landfill Lill on Drums, and Junkyard Jonny, Scrapyard Stewie and Dumpster Don filling out the juggling. The Perth Courier must have loved the show as they posted three pictures in the next week's paper. The EMC paper also posted a picture of Dumpster Don in his tagert man suit on the front page. Even though the show was a at 7pm, and the Junk Mobile pulled out Canadian Tire at 4:15pm, the show started on time and rocked!

Junkyard Jonny and Junkyard Jen.
Oct 8, 2005
Southern Ontario Tour
With 13 Shows in 6 days, Junkyard Jonny and Junkyard Jen rocked Southern Ontario with shows beginning at The Markham Fair, moving on to schools shows in Pefferlaw, Kitchener, and St. Agatha, then finishing of the tour with an awesome night of the Planet Junk Show in London at a cool bar called the Barking Frog.

Junkyard Symphony in Sault Ste. Marie.
Aug 6, 2005
Super in the Soo
While the drive is about nine hours, through construction and car accidents, the trip to Sault St. Marie is well worth it, especially if you are going there to see the Busker Festival. Using the small set up for the first time at a Busker Festival allowed Jonny and Tony to set up and tear down relatively quickly, but the show was still just as good as the medium set up show. Jonny and Tony were just as popular as usual, especially Jonny who organized a spoof of the Spring Action show, called “Schwing Action” in Which, Jonny, Dan the One Man Band and Reuben from Fasthorse, dressed up in leotards and attempted their best trampoline tricks.

Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lil.
June 3, 2005
New Addition to the Junk Clan
With 42 shows in the month of June, Junkyard Symphony is proving to be one of the top booking acts on Ontario, with shows in Ottawa, Kitchener, Waterloo, Mississauga, Smithville, Cornwall, Hull, Blackburn Hamlet, Gantineau, Manotick and Ingleside. A new member, Mary Gellner, aka Landfill Lil has joined the group to help pick up the slack. Mary is on of the few and best female drummers in town.

JunkyardSymphony's Recyled Circus.
Jul 31, 2004
Junkyard Symphony's
Recyled Circus is a hit!

Joined by Aytahn Ross, a juggler, Jeff Hill, a magicain, and Giacomo Trottier, a trampolinist, Junkyard Symphony performed the first version of the Recycled Circus, and it was a huge success. The show debued at the Bronson Centre on Sat Feb 26. With over 250 people, the show lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes and was extremely well recieved by all ages. Aytahn Ross performed his crystal balls and ping pong balls routine. Jeff Hill did his interlocking rings and Giacomo jumped over a ten foot pyramid of buckets into a pile of trash all to the beat of Junkyard Symphony's junk. All in all, Cirque de Soleil better watch out, because there is some new competition arising.

JunkyardSymphony in Edmonton.
Feb 27, 2005
Klimbing the Klondike!
Joined by local singer/songwriter Jenae Rogers, Tony and Jonny wowed the folks in Edmonton during this year's klondike Days in Edmonton, Alberta. In 10 days, Junkyard Symphony performed 39 Junkyard Jam shows, 2 Recycle Rock shows, 4 Planet Junk shows, learned to 2 step, survived a hospital ordeal, and a Beverly Mahood concert. Jenae, who had never even praticed with the band, put on a spectacular performance and we will be sure to see her again down the road. Speaking of the road, it took the boys 3 days to drive home to Ottawa in the Junk mobile. Jonny drove the van out west in early July with his wife Alma and daughter Gina all the way to Vancouver with a little stop over in Pigeon Lake for an Olsen Family Reunion. Of course, Jonny did a show to the delight of the family who thought he was the hired entertainment rather than a family member.

JunkyardSymphony in Cambridge, Ontario.
Jun 22, 2004
Alive in Lakealive
JYS's Garbage and Guitars had a wonderful show in Cambridge Ontario at the Lakealive Festival in mid June. Upon first hearing the name "Junkyard Symphony", organizers, The House of Blues were a little reluctant to add the band to the main stage preceding a performance of Randy Bachman, but after a bang up show, organizers and spectators were pleasantly suprised to find that the Garbage and Guitars wasn't garbage after all.

JunkyardSymphony at Winterlude.
Feb 25, 2004
Warming up Winterlude
Junkyard Jonny and Trashcan Tony had a snowfull time at Winterlude entertaining the crowds on the main stage in Jaques Cartiers Park. Performing the Funk on the Junk show allowed the band to keep moving and the crowd to keep coming back for more. Over the three weeks, the Jam performed 24 shows to over 6000 people.

Junkyard Symphony's Garbage and Guitars.
Jan 25, 2004
Garbage and Guitars
The newest Junkyard Project "Garbage and Guitars", had their first appearance at Zaphod Beelebrox last night to a welcoming crowd. The new project offers a little conventionalism while still keeping with the theme of using junk to make music. Junkyard Jonny contstructed a drumset out of buckets, a water jug with botle caps duct taped to the top for a snare, and two stove top reflector pans stuck together for a hi-hat. For cymbals he used plates, which have a note instead of a crash, so Jonny was forced to evolve from his drummer status to becoming a real musician. Junkyard Jen had a treat in taking over lead vocals, backed up by the deep sounds of Handsome Hans and Dashing Dave Milliken's sweet accoustic guitar sounds. Amazing Al was there too blowing some sax.

Junkyard Jeena.
Nov 1, 2003
Junkyard Jeena
At 7:23pm, a tiny new member became part of the Junk Clan, Junkyard Jeena. Weighing 7 pounds and 15 ounces, Gina came into the world with a huge head of hair, a million dollar smile and a drumstick in each hand. Daughter of Junkyard Jonny and Alma Moyeda, Gina will be playing on the pots and pans in no time, just like her daddy.

JYS and Molson team up.
Jul 17, 2003
Molson Garage Party
Junkyard Symphony teamed up with Molson to create the exciting Molson Garage Party series. It started off with four dates at pubs in the GTA. JYS will be performed a three hour set as the Molson Extreme Team gave away tons of great prizes. Everyone enjoyed the fresh tunes of JYS and the fresh taste of Molson Canadian.

Jonny and Tony.
March 15, 2003
Junk Radio
The JS has been slowly but surely building on the waves. CBC had been playing 'Dream a Dream', 'Didjeridoo' and yes 'Lovejunk', Jonny's favorite underdog song. If you call into CBC radio, you can request any Junkyard Song. The band has been working on material for a third CD 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rock'.

Jonny crosses street in Hong Kong.
Feb 24, 2003
Hong Gong
Showing the Chinese how to make a gong out of a hub cap, Junkyard Jonny and Trashcan Tony ventured into the beautiful city of Hong Kong for a three-day weekend in mid February to play a few shows at the City Gate shopping centre on Launtau island. JYS packed as much sight seeing as they could into the short trip catching a foggy view from the Peek tower, shopping in Kowloon and sneeking in the back way to see the Big Bhudda. Luckily they came home with just pictures and no SARS virus as it had broken out that month.

Junkyard Symphony's Planet Junk.
Dec 15, 2002
Tapping on the Taps
Junkyard Symphony's Planet Junk had a fun trip to the Brass Taps at Guelph Universtiy last month. Molson was having a Succi/free Beer promo and they seemed to really like the Junkyard Symphony. DJ Junkyard Jay got to experience his first away gig and the band got to experience his snoring!

Junkyard Symphony's Planet Junk.
Dec 15, 2002
Tapping on the Taps
Junkyard Symphony's Planet Junk had a fun trip to the Brass Taps at Guelph Universtiy last month. Molson was having a Succi/free Beer promo and they seemed to really like the Junkyard Symphony. DJ Junkyard Jay got to experience his first away gig and the band got to experience his snoring!

Junkyard Symphony on Wolf Island.
Sept 26, 2002
Symphony of a Summer
JYS had a great Junkyard Symphony summer. Some of the highlights included opening for Sarah Harmer with Junkyard Symphony at the Wolfe Island Music Festival in Kingston and being voted favorite band at the Brandford RiverFest.

Awesome flag picture.
July 1, 2002
Canada Day
Junkyard Symphony peformed two hot shows on Parlimaent Hill on Canada Day for an awesome large crowd with viewing of the show on the Jumbotron for the whole street to see. Then later that evening they had a fantastic show for 3000+ people in Barhaven at Strandherd park, fireworks and all. Thanks to all who attended. Happy Canada Day!

Mmmmmm Jelly Tots!.
June 17, 2002
Junkyard Jelly
Junkyard Symphony made a long journey to Walkerton for the Green Step Environmental Fair. The show went well but the highlight of the trip was when Jonny gambled on the candy slot machines at a rest stop on the 401 and won an extra pack of Jelly Tots and two packs of gum. Passerby's seemed a little confused to see Jonny and Tony giving each other high fives for winning candy, as if they had just won a big jack pot at the Casino. That's what happens when you spend 14 hours in the junk mobile, but then again, Jelly Tots are really good.

June 7, 2002
Junkyard Symphony returned from a successful performance in Guelph at Peter Clark Hall for all the COCA crew. The response was great and Junkyard Symphony has hopes to snag a few college gigs this fall from the showcase. K-OS was there and did a standing ovation performance. He had a tabla player and a kick-ass guitar player joining him on stage.

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