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Junkyard Symphony in downtown Toronto
July 18, 2013
JYS at Yonge and
Dundas for Plug N' Drive
Junkyard Jonny and Stupendous Steve perfomred on the mainstage at Yonge and Dundas for Plug N' Drive, an event promoting electic cars. They were also there to promote the recycling of electronics. Ontario has recycled over 200 000 tons of e-waste since 2009.

Junkyard Symphony at Riverside South Canada Day
July 1, 2013
Junkyard Symphony at
Riverside South Canada Day
Duct Tape Dayv gets his junk base ready and Awesome Alex warms up the drums as Junkyard Symphony prepares to take the stage at the Riverside South Canada Day in Claudette Cain Park along the banks of the picturesque Rideau River. The weather was fabulous and all lost children were found.
Riverside South Community Association
Claudette Cain Parkn

Junkyard Symphony in Not Karma Chameleons Video
June 2, 2013
21 Drum Shots for
Not Karma Chameleons
Junkyard Jonny and Stupendous Steve spent a fun day filming a video for the Toronto Based comedy Rock band Not Karma Chameleons. The band is promoting an app drinking game called 21 shots. Jonny and Steve drummed over 21 shots on the junk and passed drum sticks as the band played at the Rivoli on Queen Street in downtown Toronto.

Junkyard Symphony at Awesome Arts Festival
May 25, 2013
Awesome Arts Festival
Junkyard Jonny and Marvelous Mark drum up some friends at Lowertown's Awesome Arts Festival. Awesome Arts brings artistic excellence and creativity to under-served communities, enabling at-risk youth to explore and express themselves via various art forms such as slam poetry, music, theatre and video all the while learning about global issues.

Junkyard Symphony on CTV Morning Live
Apr 26, 2013
Roving Recyclers on
CTV Morning Live
Junkyard Jonny and Boom Boom Bryan discussed how Junkyard Symphony was created on CTV's Morning Live with Host Melissa Lamb. Using their Roving Recycler drums they also performed their percussion composition entitled "The Junkyard Jig."

Junkyard Symphony in Meaford
Apr 25, 2013
Making Music in Meaford
Junkyard Jonny and DJ Duct Tape Dayv had a wonderful tour with their Circo-Eco show in Grey County, starting off in Owen Sound, moving on to Durham and finishing off in Meaford. The view in this picture is that of Nottawasaga Bay, a sub-basin of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron in southern Ontario.

Junkyard Symphony in the Children's Theatre
Apr 19, 2013
Children's Theatre
Boom Boom Bryan poses with all the Junkyard Symphony gear at the Children's Theatre in the Children's Museum at the Museum of Civilisation. Every April the museum hires Junkyard Symphony to peform shows in honour of Earth Week. The theatre is lots of fun for kids to play in and watch shows.

Junkyard Symphony at Caldwell Street Public School
Apr 18, 2013
Caldwell Street School
Juggling Joe has fun with a volunteer at Caldwell Street School in Carleton Place which is in the The Upper Canada District School Board. The volunteer balances a ball on a chop stick while Juggling Joe runs circles around him. The Upper Canada District School Board is a diverse, public educational organization in Eastern Ontario. It consists of dedicated individuals committed to quality education that fosters life-long learning for all, through creative and challenging learning experiences.

Junkyard Symphony at the Orillia Opera House
Apr 17, 2013
Box and Chain Elevator
Junkyard Symphony played a sold out show at the Orilla Opera House, also known as the Gordon Lightfoot Theatre. The coolest part was the box and chain elevator used to raise the gear from street level to the second floor stage door. The Opera House, known for its fine acoustics and has featured such artists as the Marx Brothers, Glenn Gould, Oscar Peterson, k.d. lang, Mickey Rooney, Dan Hill, Liona Boyd, Blue Rodeo, George Canyon, Paul Brandt, Ron James, Manteca, Lighthouse, The Stampeders and hometown boy, Gordon Lightfoot.

Junkyard Symphony at the Derry Bryne Arts Incentive Day.
Mar 20, 2013
Arts Incentive Day
Junkyard Jonny hams it up with Kate Smith of Salamander Theatre at the annual MASC Arts Incentive Day held at the Derry Bryne Centre. Teachers get to brouse booths and speak one on one with all varities of artists from MASC. It's a day full of fun!

Junkyard Symphony on Regional Contact.
Mar 1, 2013
Regional Contact
Junkyard Symphony was featured on Regional Contact, a segment for CTV News that showcases the extraordinary talents and personalities of people living in the Ottawa Region. In this clip Junkyard Symphony disccuses their shows, their games, their Drum and Percussion School, and their homemade luge, also called the Super Snowslide.

Junkyard Symphony's Step To Be A Star.
Feb 17, 2013
Step Up To Be A Star
A new Junkyard Symphony show was discovered at Winterlude. In this show the performers step back while the audience steps up. Junkyard Symphony brings out a big gogo dancing stage along with a cool junk drumset and invites audience members to come up to show their stuff as they dance and drum along to fun DJ music. The stars are encouraged with dancing and drumming tips as the crowd cheers along.

Junkyard Symphony in Dorset.
Feb 16, 2013
Drumming in Dorset
As always Junkyard Symphony returned to the Snowball Winter Carnival in Dorset, ON, just west of Algonquin Park. The wather was perfect, a little bit cold but sunny enough to still enjoy the festival. In this picture two girls have fun drumming on the junk after the show is over. Dorset straddles the Districts of Muskoka and Haliburton and is located at the eastern shores of Lake of Bays. The downtown section spans "the Narrows" between Big and Little Trading Bays.

Junkyard Symphony's Super Snowslide.
Feb 9, 2013
Super Snowslide 2013
Every year Junkyard Symphony builds a Super Snowslide at the Junk Headqauters in Kanata. The Super Snowslide is open to friends and fans of Junkyard Symphony. Even the students of Junkyard Symphoy's Drum and Percussion School get to join in the fun. This year the slide went from the back to the front, dropped two stories and had 3 crazy turns. The Super Snowslide is just another example of Junkyard Symphony's extraordinary entertainment.

Juggling Joe's show.
Feb 9, 2013
Juggling Joe's show
The great part about Junkyard Symphony is that they have several leaders, so they can have several shows going on at the same time in different locations. Juggling Joe's show has fantastic juggling of course, but there is lots of comedy too. Here, Joe throws a recycled juggling club into the air on the Rideau Canal at 5th street for the Winterlude celebrations. Winterlude was created in 1979 to celebrate Canada's unique northern climate and culture. It boasts the world's largest skating rink, ice carving competitions and you can enjoy yourself in a huge winter playground surrounded by majestic snow sculptures. There’s fun for the entire family, and all sites are open on Family Day.

Sens Drummer.
Jan 26, 2013
Sens Drummer
The Ottawa Senators hired Junkyard Jonny to rove throughout the Scotiabank Place with his cool portable junk kit during a Pittsburg Penguin game. Jonny riled up the crowd during whistle breaks creating lots of NOISE and playing along to Go SENS GO chants. He amsued people on the concourse with his fabulous drumming talents and his crazy clown horn. Spartacat did a dance to his rhtyhms and even Pittsburg fans had to admit he was good.

Junkyard Symphony's Church Rehearsal.
Jan 3, 2013
Church Rehearsal
Occasionally children ask Dumpster Dylan "Do you live in a dumpster?" While he may find useful instruments in a dumpster, his living arrangements are anything but. Situated in the peaceful town of Chesterville, Dylan's church/house makes a great venue for a Junkyard Symphony rehearsal. There is plenty of light and lots of room to drum and juggle. In this picture from left to right: Dumpster Derek, Juggling Joe, Stupendous Steve, Duct Tape Dayv, Boob Boom Bryan, Recycle Rylan and Junkyard Jonny.

Junkyard Symphony's on YTV's Zoinked.
Nov 2, 2012
Recycle Rylan sets up the junk backstage in the studio of YTV's Zoink'd. Junkyard Jonny and Recycle Rylan drove to Toronto specifically to film the episode. Zoink'd is a throw back from the 70's variety series the Gong Show. Except in this show the judges are kids and if they don't like you, you get gooed.

Junkyard Symphony's Pirates of Percussion.
Oct 30, 2012
Pirates of Percussion
Dangerous Derek and Junkyard Jonny performed Junkyard Symphony's Pirates of Percussion at Horizon Jeunesse School in Vanier. This show is great for Halloween or for costume themed parties. Partitcipants are encouraged to dress up in their favourite costumes as Junkyard Symphony improvises suitable routines for the different costumes.
To learn more about Junkyard Symphony's Pirates of Percussion FOLLOW THIS LINK

Junkyard Symphony's filming for Radio Canada's Rendez Vous.
Oct 30, 2012
Junkyard Symphony's Recycled Circus, the 7 artist version was at the Mueuem of Aviation to film a documentary episode of Rendez-Vous II, by Productions Léa Pascal. Junkyard Symphony was joined by the chearleading group Elite Cheer from Gatineau and the two combined to put on a fabulous performance for visitors of the museum.

Junkyard Symphony's Recycled Circus at La Cité Collégiale.
Oct 17, 2012
La Cité Collégiale
Junkyard Symphony's Recycled Circus with Junkyard Jonny, Recycle Ross, Juggling Joe and Marvelous Mark performed a fabulous show at La Cité Collégiale in Gloucester for Waste Reduction Week. In this picture a volunteer is about to balance a plate and a ball.

Junkyard Symphony's at Ottawa Valley's Waste Recovery Centre.
Sept 22, 2012
Ottawa Valley Waste
Recovery Centre
Junkyard Symphony's Roving Recyclers, featuring Stupendous Steve and Junkyard Jonny were at the Ottawa Valley's Waste Recovery Centre near Pembroke to promote waste reduction. While Steve drums, Jonny catches a ball in his little basket ball net. There are two versions of the Roving Recyclers. One is a stilt walker with a basketball net on his back accompanied by a drummer, and the other is two drummers and a small basketball net. Both verisions are interactive.

Junkyard Symphony's at the Preston Street Grapefest.
Sept 22, 2012
La Vendemmia
Junkyard Symphony's Junkyard Jam, featuring Junkyard Jonny and Dangerous Derek were on site at Preston Street's Grapefest also known as La Vendemmia. In this picture two little girls play on the junk drum sets after the show. You can see the battery pack sitting in the bass drum. Junkyard Symphony brings it own power and thus can do show almost anywhere.

Junkyard Symphony's at The Mackenzie King Estate.
Sept 3, 2012
Mackenzie King Estate
Junkyard Symphony's Junkyard Jam, featuring Junkyard Jonny and Dumpster Dylan entertained crowds at the Nationa Capital Commisions' Mackenzie King Estate in Gatieneau Park over the Labour Day weekend. Kids and adults were pleased to have the chance to drum on the junk drums after the show. Vistors to the estate can tour the grounds and stop in for some afternoon tea.

Junkyard Symphony's at La Festival Jo-Jo.
Sept 2, 2012
Festival Jo-Jo
Marvelous Mark starts a drum solo at la Festival Jo-Jo in Hammond Ontario. The festival is held on Jo-Jo's farm every September and while the weather has always co-operated, there is a super-cool stage inside the barn just in case it rains. There are also lots of animals to pet.

Junkyard Symphony at St.Albert's Festival de la Curd.
Aug 19, 2012
Festival de la Curd
Junkyard Symphony's Roving Recyclers, Junkyard Jonny and Dumpster Don joke around with the crowd at St. Albert's Festival de La Curd. As Jonny drummed up the rhtyhms, Dumpster Don caught basketsballs in his Super High Human Hoop Head. The kids and adults loved playing this game, and the weather was awesome. The Roving Recyclers are certainly great for festival atmosphere.

Junkyard Symphony's Circo Eco at the Careleton Memorial Daycare.
Aug 1, 2012
Duct Tape Dayv shows off the set up of Junkyard Symphony's Circo-Eco Show at the Carleton Memorial Daycare. Dayv plays junk electric and washtub bass.

Junkyard Symphony at Ottawa Busker Festival.
Recycle Rylan unicycles.
Aug 5, 2012
Ottawa Busker Festival
On the Sparks Street Mall
Junkyard Symphony performes at the Ottawa Busker Festival on Sparks Street. In the picture above Junkyard Jonny juggles the Junk Juggling Jugs while balancing on the Balancing Bongo Board atop the Terrifically Tall Terrible Tower of Trash. In the picture below Recycle Rylan performs tricks on his unicycle. The busker festival happens every year on the Aug long weekend.
Other acts featured at the 2012 festival were the Cowguys from Ottawa, Bendy Em from Australia, Owen Lean from Great Britain, Bike Boy from Australia, Fireweavers from Ottawa, Reuben Dot Dot Dot from Australia, Ernest the Magnifico from Australia, Joe Cobden from Montreal, Billions Cobra from Toronto, Silver Elvis from Toronto, Aeriel Angels from Michigan, and the Fireguy from Toronto.

Junkyard Symphony at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.
Aug 1, 2012
Kingston Frontenac Library
Jonny holds up the cheer box and gets the crowd to cheer at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, Isabel Turner Branch. Jonny and Rylan also performed at the Central Branch in downtown Kingston. It's a bit strange to have a loud show at a library, but they seem to make an excpetions when the show are good

Junkyard Symphony at Kanata Canada Day.
Jul 1, 2012
Kanata Canada Day
A young girl holds up the cheer box at Junkyard Symphony's Canada Day performance in Kanata. Junkyard Symphony has performed several times at this event in the Gazebo by the lake. It makes for a wonderful outdoor venue. Kim Mitchell was headlining the event.

Junkyard Symphony at the Greenwoods Academy Graduation.
June 22, 2012
The Greenwoods Academy
Recycle Rylan shows children how to play on the junk drums at the Greenwoods Academy Graduation in Kanata. The Greenwoods Academy is a private school fostering the integral education of children from preschool through elementary. Conveniently located minutes from the Kanata Research Park.

Junkyard Symphony at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre.
June 21, 2012
Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre
Recycle Rylan rides with his feet on the wheel of his unicycle at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre in Britannia. The Lakeside Centre is a great venue for community shows. The show was for the Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre.

Junkyard Symphony at the MTJB Childcare annual Picninc.
June 16, 2012
MTJB Child Care Centre
Dumpster Dylan sets up the junk at the More Than Just Baby Sitting Child Care Centre in Manard, ON. Junkyard Symphony did their show in a giant field. It was a hot day. MTJB has locations in Prescott, Maynard and Kemptville.

Junkyard Symphony's Recycled Circus at the Museum of Aviation.
June 15, 2012
Museum of Aviation
Recycle Rylan and Marvelous Mark pose in front of a rescue helicopter at the Museum of Aviation. Junkyard Symphony's Recycled Circus performed a corporate show for steel workers from all across Canada. Junkyard Jonny and Recycle Ross were also part of the show. The Recycled Circus is Junkyard Symphony's best show.

Junkyard Symphony at the MDR Pairsh Church Street Festival.
MAY 26, 2012
MDR Community Festival
Both lanes of Fisher Avenue were shut down for the Madonna Della Risurrezione Pairsh Church Annual Community Festival. Jonny and Mark performed the Junkyard Jam show. The great part about this show is that the children get to Jam on the junk once the show is finished.

Junkyard Symphony on the Quyon Ferry.
April 14, 2012
Quyon Ferry
It was a first for Marvelous Mark, crossing the Ottawa River on the Quyon Ferry. Jonny and Mark were on their way to the Quyon Lions Club to perform for C Kids Can. While the show was lots of fun, the highlight of the day was getting a chance to park the junkmobile on the Quyon Ferry.

Junkyard Symphony at L'École Marius Barbeau.
Mar 15, 2012
L'École Marius Barbeau
Junkyard Jonny shows children some dance moves along to LMFAO's Party Rock Song during the March Break. The children certainly have a fun time grooving to all the sweet rhtyhms. March Break is a busy time for Junkyard Symphony. There are many day camps that love to fill their schedule with a fun show from Junkyard Symphony.

Junkyard Symphony at Winterlude in Confederation Park.
Feb 20, 2012
JYS at Winterlude
Over the three weekends of Winterlude, Junkyard Symphony performed 17 outdoor shows on the canal, at Jaques Cartier Park, and Confederatin Park. In this picture Jonny is doing the elevator trick with his diabolo. Although the canal was closed the last weeked of the festival, Jaques Cariter Park was bustling.

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