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The Junkmobile all broken.
Jan 30, 2010
Horrible Accident
Sadly as Junkyard Jonny was returing home to his family one evening, his car slid on some black ice and hit a tree. Jonny broke his ankle and his wrist and the car was damaged beyond repair. Most importantly Jonny is alive and Recycle Ross is happy to help out and take over the shows until he is better. We expect Jonny to return to performing in April.

Junkyard Symphony's Super Snow Show
Jan 28, 2010
Super Snow Show
Junkyard Symphony's Super Snow Slides were a success. Lots of people came to enjoy the fun. We were going to keep them open one more weekend, but because of rain dammage we had to take them down. However we have created a Super Snow Stage instead, so come by and see our Super Snow Show on Sat Jan 30 at 1pm, 78 Tamblyn Crescent in Kanata.

The Bridge Slide
Jan 18, 2010
Winter Olympics and
Super Snow Slides

Junkyard Symphony is happy to announce that we are going to be performing at the 2010 Winter Olympics! We will be performing every evening from Feb 12 to 18 at Robson Square. In honor of the Olympics we have created our own luge to commemorate our fans. We owe our success to our fans, our clients and our agents, especially our friends at MASC. Our "Super Snow Slides" are open to all Junkyard Symphony fans of all ages from Tues Jan 18 to Sat Jan 23, 6-8pm, 78 Tamblyn Cresent in Kanata. We have two awesome slides and play a game called Snow Slide Bucket Ball. You grab a stuffed sock on the way down and try to stuff it into a variety of three buckets at the bottom.

Jan 4, 2010
JYS On Facebook
Happy New Year! Junkyard Symphony now has a facebook page, so sign up if you would like to become a fan. We will update you with public events where we perform as well as some cool ecotips.
Click Here to join us on Facebook

Merickville Fair
Aug 8, 2009
Merickville Fair
Junkyard Jonny and Speedy Spence perform the Super Stage Show at the Merickville Fair. The volunteer follows Junkyard Jonny's instructions. She tries to do tricks with a plunger and ball, catching the ball in the plunger.

Crabfest 09
July 3, 2009
Junkyard Jonny and Speedy Spence had a great time in Kincolith for their annual Crabfest. Kincolith is on the border of Alaska and BC and the scenery is just beautiful. JYS got to open for Wide Mouth Mason and Kim Mitchell. Spence did a wicked drum solo and joined the sound guys to create an impromptu band when one of the artists was late.

Death Defying Dare of Doom
June 14, 2009
Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lil performed three awesome Super Street Shows at WESTfest in Westboro, a quaint community in the west of Ottawa. Junkyard Jonny completed a new Death Defiying Dare of Doom. This time he balanced on the Balancing Bongo Board atop the Tube Tower of Terror while juggling Plungers of Peril. Jonny has in mind to eventually juggle the jugs up there but he has to get used to the plungers first.

Dickison Day
June 6, 2009
Dickison Day
Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lil performed their Super Stage show at Dickison Day in Manotick. Junkyard Symphony has performed at the festival many times and has always had a great performance.

Papa Shango
May 17, 2009
Jonny on Real Drums!
On May 17 Junkyard Jonny performed on real drums with his blues/funk band Papa Shango. The Rainbow Bistro was jammed to capacity with happy fans, many of which were Bell High Alumni, Jonny's High school. Headliners Downstone Rhythm also did a great job. Papa Shango consists of Alanna George, Joe Nesrallah, Ilan Kolet, Dave Matsukubo, Andrew Matsukubo, Chris Lengyel, and of course Jonny Olsen on drums.
Click Here for Photos

Students pepare to do the Macarena
April 24, 2009
Hands up!
Students at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School in Russell hold up their hands in preperation to save the world...and to do the the Macarena. Under the leadership of eco-science teacher Amanada Poitras, the St. Thomas Aquinas Green Team was able to use Junkyard Symphony's show to help raise enough funds to buy 5 large benches for an outdoor classroom, and a sugar maple tree! It was a great idea! Have a show, raise some the environment!

Jonny catches the cheer box
April 22, 2009
Earth Week!
It was a busy week for Jonny and Tony as they performed seven shows and four workshops in just five days. Students at Central Public School learned about the “rhythm of recycling” as Junkyard Symphony entertained a packed gymnasium to celebrate Earth Day. Emily Vallieres, 11, said the act showed her the many fun uses for diverted materials that could otherwise end up in a landfill. “I’m getting it,” she said. “Recycling is helpful to our earth and we should do it every day.”

Junkyard Symphony in Owen Sound
Mar 8, 2009
Owen Sound
Junkyard Symphony's super sound reached all the way to the Sound. Performing with children's guitar duo, Splash and Boots, Junkyard Jonny and Trashcan Tony performed a great show at Owen Sound's OSCVI Auditorium in benefit of the Children's Aid Society. Please visit the Children's Aid website. The auditorium has greats seats, and not surprisingly...great sound!

Ten Foot Teatering Tube Tower of Terror
Feb 21, 2009
Tower of Terror!
It's actually the Ten Foot Teatering Tube Tower of Terror to be more specific and Jonny successfully juggled three water jugs on top of it at the Dorset Snowball Winter Carnival to the pleasure of an overjoyed audience. Junkyard Symphony had been performing at the Dorset Snoball Winter Carnival for the past five years; perhaps its because everyone has so much fun. The festival features snowmobile races over open water which is always an exciting time. Dorset can be found on the western edge of Algonquin Park right in the heart of cottage country.
This photo is courtesy of local resort owner Nancy Tapley.

Recycle Ross
Feb 8, 2009
Balls of Fun
Junkyard Symphony's Recycle Ross performs with his crystal ball at the Qualicum Community Day in the city of Ottawa. Not only did he dazzle and warm the winter chilled crowd but as he thoughtfully gazed into his crystal ball, he predicted a great summer season full of lots of fun for the city of Ottawa and of course all the clan of Junkyard Symphony. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Ross!

Winter Wonderland
Feb 7, 2009
Winter Wonderland
Junkyard Symphony's Winter Wonderland opened to the neighborhood of Katimivik for the first weekend of February. Built by Junkyard Jonny using snow and ice, the castle was a beautiful sight and was well received by the children of the Kanata neighborhood who had a ball sliding down the slide, playing in the two towers and running up and down the stairs.

Mary and Jonny
Nov 23, 2008
Proctor and Gamble
Junkyard Symphony's Junkyard Jonny and Landil Lil enjoyed a superb show at the Empire Theatre in Belleville for Proctor and Gamble's children's Christmas party. Proctor and Gamble own the Cheer detergent company so they were quite pleased to learn that one of Junkyard Symphony's main prop is a Cheer detergent box.

Nanjing Clown Festival
Oct 1, 2008
Nanjing Euro-Americas Clown Festival
Junkyard Symphony's Junkyard Jonny and Trashcan Tony enjoyed a week on the other side of the planet teaching the Chinese what the word "cheer" means and havinga ball with 47 other performers from Europe, the United States and Canada. Performing on the main stage in front of 2000 people twice a day was quite a challenge, but they succeeded in capturing the audience's love none the less.

Sept 14, 2008
Sanderson Centre
Junkyard Symphony's Junkyard Jonny and Speedy Spence performed a small southern Ontario tour starting off at Ridley College in St. Catherines, Mohawk College in Hamilton and then finishing the tour at the prestigious Sanderson Centre in Brantford. The Centre was built in 1919 as a Vaudeville theatre, was transformed into a cinema, then eventually became a music theatre. It is perhaps one of the most extravagant places that Junkyard Symphony has ever played. Visit

Brockton Buskerfest
Aug 17, 2008
Brockton Buskerfest
The town of Walkerton in the Region of Brockton had it's first busker festival this year, however, unlike traditional busker festivals where the buskers ask for money at the end of the show, this busker festival was paid for by the town as a gift to the community. The day was hot but so were the shows. JYS also played at the Dirt Pigs softball tournament the next day.

Aug 8,9 2008
Potato Fest
For the third year in a row Junkyard Symphony visited Potato Fest in Alliston, Ontario. While it rained most of Saturday, Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lil were able to pull off a great show once the drops stopped. They finished off the trip with a nice visit to the CN Tower in Toronto before heading home the next day.

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