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National Gallery gig.
May 18, 2008
National Gallery gig
Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lil pose for a picture before performing a show outside the National Gallery for it's 130th anniversary. The National Gallery of Canada is among the oldest of Canada's national cultural institutions. The Gallery is located at 380 Sussex drive in Ottawa, Canada.

Lil and Jonny
May 3, 2008
Junkyard Symphony has fun in Fairlfield
Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lil woop it up inside an old armouries building in the bustling downtown of Fairfield Iowa. Fairfield is about an hour drive from Cedar Rapids. In this video you can see one of Junkyard Symphony's most hilarious cheerleaders. This little guy just doesn't want to hold on to the box so Jonny must resort to using duct tape.

Lil and Jonny in Los Angeles
Nov 3, 2007
Junkyard Symphony at Junkfest
The brainchild of Junkmaster Bernie Dekoven, Junkfest in Redondo Beach was an awesome beginning to a new type of festival, a festival that celebrate junk, and who better to have attend than Junkyard Symphony, featuring Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lill. Dekoven, who teaches sports with Junk, was jaccompanied by junk aritist Classic Jassic who took two front ends of two junk cars and welded them together, thus creating a car that can drive sideways. All in all, the Junkfest was a success, and Lil and Jonny were happy to catch a few Los Angeles sights, like strolling along the crowded Hollywood Blvd on Halloween night and rollerblading along Venice beach. CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURES
Junkfest on Youtube as appeared on CNN.

Junkyard Symphony's Terrific Trio in Kingston
July 15, 2007
Terrific Trio
Terrorizes Kingston

Sorry you had to see that Kingston. It's amazing what a big man in a bikini can accomplish, but thanks to the sexy style of Dumpster Don, Junkyard Symphony cleaned up at the Kingston Busker Rendez-Vous selling 500 CD's in just one weekend. Not bad for pink poka dots.

Junkyard Jonny stares down a fish in Terrace, B.C.
July 8, 2007
Something Fishy at Crabfest
Playing alongside bands such as Jeff Healey and Nazareth, Junkyard Symphony's Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lil rocked the mainstage again with their funky beats and audience participation. Jonny took the opportunity to play a wild drum solo on Nazareth's drum kit. Landfill Lil did a stellar job on the junk kit as usual.

Junkyard Symphony at the Senator's game.
Nov 31, 2006
We Say Ottawa,
You Say Senators!

Junkyard Symphony's Drum Corps had their first ever show at the Scotiabank Place last night for the Sens game against Florida. The Corps performed a 90 second piece during a commercial break, playing on junk bottle cap snares, garbage cans, recycle bins, shakers, a gong and a didjeridu.

Junkyard Symphony at Vancouver's Fright Nights.
Oct 31, 2006
Glowing in the Cove
Who would have thought that water jugs could glow. They glow bright blue under the rays of a black light, which inspired Junkyard Symphony to outfit their equipment with glow tape as they performed for thousands of people at Vancouver's Fright Nights at the PNE from Oct 22 to Halloween. Though the air was chill, the show was hot.

Junkyard Symphony at the Carp Fair.
Sept 24, 2006
Fishing some Carp
Junkyard Symphony performed at the Carp Fair to thousands of people over the weekend. Full of animals, entertainment, rides and fair food, and cowboy hats, the fair is always a good time.

Junkyard Symphony at the Ironhorse Festival.
Aug 27, 2006
An Ironhorse is a Train
Junkyard Symphony ended up in St. Thomas Ontario for the Ironhorse Festival. While the last show poured down buckets, festival goers still stopped to watch Junkyard Jonny do his tricks in the rain, while Landfill Lil drummed comfortably underneath the stage roof. The last two shows were canceld but the organizers were happy with the shows that Junkyard Symphony had performed the day before on the main stage.

Junkyard Symphony in Kincolith.
July 1, 2006
Long Trip to Kincolith
Not many Canadians know where Kincolith is, but it is in Canada, on the edge of Canada that is. Take a flight over the mountains from Vancouver into Terrace, grazing the mountain tops as you land, then take a long winding three hour drive on a road with eagles, black bears and bridges wide enough for only one vehicle, and that's where you'll find Kincolith, at the top of British Columbia next to Alaska. At what is there? Not a whole lot...except for CRABFEST! Yeah it was strange to set up a humungous stage with bands from all over North America for a little tiny town of population 400, but CRABFEST was a lot of fun, with great bands such as Red Nation and Honeymoon Suite, and everyone was very nice and hospitable.

Junkyard Symphony at the PM's house.
June 15, 2006
Success at Sussex
24 Sussex Drive that is! And what a funny site it was to see Junkyard Symphony and Junkmobile drive into 24 Sussex Drive to unload all their junk and place it beside the fancy buffets and decorations of the Harper's Garden Party. It was a little odd, but great all at the same time. We all know that even though Junkyard Symphony plays on junk, they are truly one of the classiest acts around, and that's just what the Prime Minister thought too. "All the guests, not just the kids, loved the show," he politley said to Junkyard Jonny and Landfill Lill. His daughter Rachel especially loved being the "Cheer" girl too!

Junkyard Jonny in Macedonia.
June 5, 2006
Jonny the Great
Not many Canadians know where Macedonia is either, but now Junkyard Jonny does. It's that little county above Greece where Aleksander the Great came from. Visiting the city of Skopje for the first ever Skopje Busker Festival Jonny, joined a team of over 40 performers from Canada and around the world to make the Skopje Busker Festival the biggest and most successful festival Macedonia has ever seen. Do they speak English there? Surprisingly most people have a good understanding of English, but Jonny did his show completely silent as an experiment for future world shows. While it started off a little rocky, it finished by rocking out the square on the final evening of the Festival. Way to go Jonny!

Junkyard Symphony's Recycled Circus in Perth.
March, 2006
Recycled Circus Electrifying
It seemed like the clock was against them, the Van broke down, and the opening signer got sick and cancelled, but somehow Junkyard Symphony managed to pull off a great Reycled Rcircus show in Perth with Landfill Lill on Drums, and Junkyard Jonny, Scrapyard Stewie and Dumpster Don filling out the juggling. The Perth Courier must have loved the show as they posted three pictures in the next week's paper. The EMC paper also posted a picture of Dumpster Don in his tagert man suit on the front page. Even though the show was a at 7pm, and the Junk Mobile pulled out Canadian Tire at 4:15pm, the show started on time and rocked!

Junkyard Jonny and Junkyard Jen.
Oct 8, 2005
Southern Ontario Tour
With 13 Shows in 6 days, Junkyard Jonny and Junkyard Jen rocked Southern Ontario with shows beginning at The Markham Fair, moving on to schools shows in Pefferlaw, Kitchener, and St. Agatha, then finishing of the tour with an awesome night of the Planet Junk Show in London at a cool bar called the Barking Frog.

Junkyard Symphony in Sault Ste. Marie.
Aug 6, 2005
Super in the Soo
While the drive is about nine hours, through construction and car accidents, the trip to Sault St. Marie is well worth it, especially if you are going there to see the Busker Festival. Using the small set up for the first time at a Busker Festival allowed Jonny and Tony to set up and tear down relatively quickly, but the show was still just as good as the medium set up show. Jonny and Tony were just as popular as usual, especially Jonny who organized a spoof of the Spring Action show, called “Schwing Action” in Which, Jonny, Dan the One Man Band and Reuben from Fasthorse, dressed up in leotards and attempted their best trampoline tricks.

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