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Junkyard Symphony's Radical Roving

Roving Recyclers
Show length: 1hr or more
Number of artists: 2
Leaders: Junkyard Jonny, Marvelous Mark, Compost Chris
Home base: Ottawa
Set up/tear down time: 5 minutes
Description: Junkyard Symphony's Roving Recyclers consists of two drummers with portable drum sets on bucket stilts. The bucket stilts make cool stomping sounds to the rhythm as they walk about the event, and their basketball bucket makes a great interactive activity for children. Great for festivals, parades, sporting, corporate and community events.
Space needed: flat surface
Ages: all
Price: $300 /hr community/charity, $350 /hr schools, $400 /hr business/festivals
Deals: Half price for each additonal hour.
Click here for price deals, travel costs and tax information.

Junkyard Symphony's Roving Recyclers

Junkyard Symphony's Roving Recyclers

  • 13% HST will be added to the price for shows in Ontario. For shows in the rest of Canada, 5% GST will be added. There are no taxes for shows outside of Canada.

    Late Fee
  • Payment should be made on the day of performance by cheque or cash payable to Junkyard Symphony. Cheques may be mailed after the show but a $25 late fee will be added. Please mail cheques to 78 Tamblyn Cres, Ottawa, ON, K2L-3A4.

    Travel Costs
  • We charge 25 cents per km from the Ottawa, so if your show is 200km away, it will be 400km there and back and will cost $100 for travel. Each show description (above) tells whether the show is based in Ottawa, Montreal or both. We use Mapquest to calculate driving times. There will also be accomodations charges if we are required to stay overnight. Example: Travel costs from Ottawa to Kitchener, Onatrio would be $300 Gas (6 hours) and $112 hotel (average cost for one night, 2 persons) = $412 total travel costs.

    Minimum Service Charge for Distance Shows
  • If the show you desire costs less than the minimum service charge for your area (see chart below), you will have to pay the minium service charge plus travel expenses as well. Another alternative is to find other organisations in your area to partner with so that the total service charge between the organisations is at least the minimum service charge or greater. This will allow you to pay the regular price of the show, plus a discount of up to 10%. As well, all organiations can share the travel costs.

    Driving Distance from Ottawa
    0km to 200km
    200km to 350km
    350km to 800km
    800km to 1500km
    Minimum Service Charge

    Cancellation Policy
  • A cut off date is set one month prior to the show. In the event of cancellation after the cutoff date , because of rain or any other reason, the client must pay half price. The client may cancel with no obligations prior to the cutoff date. In the event that Junkyard Symphony cancels before the cutoff date, Junkyard Symphony will offer the client a show of the same value at a later date for half price. In the event that Junkyard Symphony cancels at any time after the cutoff date Junkyard Symphony will offer the client a show at a later date for free. Junkyard Symphony may be forced to end outdoor shows early because of unsuitable weather. In this case the client will be offered a price reduction on a future show.

    Contract Information
  • A contract will be emailed to you to sign in order to solidify your booking. You can return in by mail or by scanning. Sorry, but we don't use fax. Please provide the following for the contract: the date, time, location and evironment of your event (indoors, outdoors, gym, hall, classroom etc.). Please also provide your contact information: name, phone number, email, cell phone. Lastly we will need the size and age of your audience.

  • Price Deals

  • The first show is full price but each additional show on the same day in the same location will be 50% off. 5% discount off the total contract for each additional day of shows up to a maximum of 20% discount.

  • If another client nearby is found to have a second show on the same day, both clients will receive a 5% discount off the show price.

  • If three or more clients book together, all clients will receive a 10% discount off the show price. The client organizing this booking will receive 10% off the price of their show for each client involved in the booking. For example, if a school can organize a tour of 10 schools, the school will have a free show. Travel cost will still be necessary for the organizing client but the cost will be split among all the clients.

  • If you are having a fundraiser or cannot afford our full price you can receive up to $100 discount -> $1 discount for every person you can get to sign up on our facebook fanpage during a 24 hour period of your choice. Ask us for more details.

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