Junkyard Symphony       

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Lyrics and Music by Jonny Olsen

Put the seed on the ground and the rain comes down
The grass grows up and then there's trees all around
Well they sway sway sway to and fro
Seeds fall off and more trees grown
Then they breath, breath, breath, CO2
Make oxygen because that's what they do
Then the sun shines and the wind blows
And it starts again...

And more trees grow

Well a chainsaw calls in big caterwalls
Timber, timber then a big tree falls
It falls down on the ground and splatters around
If no one is there to hear it
Does it really make a sound?
Well the people come say "Hey, what's goin on?
Looking all around all the trees are gone"
But the companies say "Well we didn't know"
But it's too late...

Where did the trees go

Well the animals flee
Now that they have lost their home
Nothing but a feild standing all alone
They have taken the trees and everything but
A bunch of stumps on the ground
Can you say "clearcut!"
Then the rain comes down
And washes away the soil
Leaving what's left to rot and spoil
Some day the trees will return
But the process is slow
So we wait for the day
And we wait for the day
And we wait for the day...

When more trees grow

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