Junkyard Symphony's Virtual Venue
Junkyard Symphony's Woitty Web Workshop

Great for all ages!
Program length: 30 mins or a 1 hour session or more
Number of facilitators: 1 or 2
Leader: Junkyard Jonny
Times: 8:00 am to 8:00pm
Description: Junkyard Symphony's Virtual Venue is an interactive carnival of games, crafts, stories, science, cooking, magic and variety entertainment (performance and lessons) all safely available to you at your home through your computer. There are games of all shapes and sizes, types and designs focusing on originality and creativity which you can control from your own home simply by giving your instructions on a variety of choices given to you. There are fun crafts you can make with our direction using objects from your home. There are awesome stories we have written that you can listen to. We can show you how to bake some yummy cookies. We can do magnificent homemade magic and science experiments. And lastly, the best part, is you can be entertained by our awesome musical performances and circus tricks! We can also show you how you can practice those skills at home.

There ae two services available in the Virtual Venune:
1. The Superhighway Show: A session in a show style format in which participants watch for 50 minutes and ask questions for the remaining 10 mins. Maximum 100 participants.
2. The Witty Web Workshop: An interactive session in which participants can actively interact throughout the entire 60 mins. Maximum 15 participants.

Price for the Superhighway Show (60 mins):
$200 for an hour presentation with one artist.
$300 for an hour presentation with two artists.
Total cost to be paid for by one organisation.
Max participants: 100

Price for the Witty Web Workshop:
$100 for 30 mins only.
$140 for the first hour and $90 for each additional hour in the same day.
$600 for 5 one hour sessions over 5 days.
Total cost can be divided by all members in the group.
Max participants: 15 per session

HST is included in the prices.

Please contact Jonny at junkyardjonny@junkyardsymphony.com
to arrange a session.

Play Groovy Games!
We will play lots of cool games like Junkyard Sympohony's
Chateau Roulette and 3D Tic-Tac-Toe. Junkyard Symphony's Groovy Games Gallery, The Rolling Room

And Marble Mansion.
Junkyard Symphony's Marble Mansion

And Boogie Ball Building.
Junkyard Symphony's Boogie Ball Building

But we can play lots of popular board games too like Monopoly or Rampage!
Junkyard Symphony's Groovy Games Gallery, The Board Games Room

Watch Radical Robots!
There are even recycled robots that light up and dance to music.
You can ask questions about them from your home.
Junkyard Symphony's Groovy Games Gallery, The Great Garage Show in The Robot Room
Junkyard Symphony's Groovy Games Gallery, The Great Garage Show in The Robot Room
Junkyard Symphony's Groovy Games Gallery, The Great Garage Show in The Robot Room

Make Crafts!
We will learn how to build instruments from junk.
junk instruments

Make music from things we find at home. junk instruments

And make games from everyday objects. craft games

Do Baking!
We'll learn how to bake yummy cookies and cakes.
Junkyard Symphony's Cookies and Cakes

Listen to a story!
Junkyard Jonny will narate a story that he wrote and illustrated.
Junkyard Symphony's Cookies and Cakes

Do Homemade Magic!
Junkyard Jonny's friend Klean-up Kevin will join
us to do some cool magic with things from our home.
Junkyard Symphony's Junk Magic

And Homemade Science!
We'll show you how to do some cool science experiments and tricks.
Junkyard Symphony's Junk Magic

Be Entertained!
Lastly we'll watch some aweseome drumming and cool tricks!
Drumming and Cool tricks

And we'll show you how to do those things yourself!
Do it Yourself!


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