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Watcha Gonna Do

Lyrics and Music by Jonny Olsen

(Female vocal, singing)
Watcha gonna do you’re a man now
Gonna still bang on your drum
Whatcha gonna do you’re a dad now
Where’s that next pay cheque coming from
Are you still going for the big time?
Are you gonna break on through
Or settle down in the meantime
So whatcha watcha gonna do

Whatcha gonna do now
Watcha gonna do
Watcha watcha….gonna do
(reapeat chorus)

(Male vocal, rapping)
Well I know I ain’t getting any younger
But playin' on the drums is like some kind of hunger
Inside me that keeps on growin
I do what I do without even knowing
Cause the rhtyhm, well the rhythm is fine
I can't help it if I drum all the time
Settle down, I don't really know
To do what I do you gotta go for the show

Show, gonna go for the show

(Female vocal, singing)
Well now you’re a husband
So here’s what I say
Be a good lover and a good friend
But come home with some pay
Don’t cheat or be lazy
Don’t act like a clown
Just relax don’t go crazy
And put the toilet seat down

Down, put the toilet seat down

(Male vocal, rapping)
That’s fine, but here's what I’m sayin’
I love my drums and I can't stop playin’
And when it comes down to bringing home the dough
It’s been ten years I been makin’ this go
I’m not lazy, I keep things movin'
In my kind of work there's a whole lot of groovin'
I know my wallet’s a little bit scrawny
But there ain’t no man like the Junkyard Jonny

Jonny, like Junkyard Jonny x4

Well now, you’re a good man
And I really have to say
You’ve done well for a musician
And at the end of the day
Is your job fulfilling
And does it pay enough too
Is your wife still willing
To let you do what you do

Whatcha gonna do now
Watcha gonna do
Watcha watcha….gonna do

She’s cool, and she knows I ain’t lying
I do my best and I keep on trying
Cuase this band is gonna go to the show
Make a lot of fans and whole lootta dough
Cause there’s a philosophy that keeps me goin’
And it has nothing to do with the loans I’m owin’
You can be a drummer or a corner store clerk
If you love what you do you can make things work

Work, you can make things work!

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